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1889 Born in Deva village of Gazipur district (U.P.) on the holy day of Maha Shivratri.

Name  :-  Navrang Rai          Father’s name :- Beni Rai

1892-93 Mother died when he was three years old.
1899 Admitted to Upper Primary School, Zalalabad.
1902 Completed six years upper primary schooling in three years only.
1904 Stood seventh in U.P Hindi Middle examination. Got married in summer.
1905 Enrolled in Gazipur mission School for Matriculation.
1906 Death of his wife.
1907 Left his Matriculation and became a recluse at Kashi.   Navrang Rai became Girinam Sanyasi Sahajanand.
1907-08 Ventured to holy places like Haridwar, Prayag, Chitrakoot, Onkaseshwar, Hrishikesh, Badrinarayan, Kedarnath etc. in search of Guru and God.
1909-14 Disappointed from his search, he returned to Kashi and studied grammar, Vedanta etc. Renamed as Dandi Swami Sahajanand Saraswati. Addressed Bhumihar Brahman General Assembly at Ballia.
1915 Launched  Bhumihar Brahman Movement  and published Bhumihar Brahman magazine.
1916 Published Bhumihar Brahman Parichay (Introduction of Bhumihar Brahman) and Brahmarshi Vansh Vistar
1920 Met Mahatma Gandhi in Patna on 5th May and decided to enter politics. Participated in Congress Assembly at Nagpur.
1921 Led Non-cooperation movement at Buxar.  Represented Gazipur  in Ahmedabad Congress Conference.
1922 Arrested in Ghazipur on 2nd January. Imprisoned in different jails of  Gazipur, Banaras, Faizabad and Lucknow for one year.
1923-24 While staying at Gazipur worked for Congress –Member of regional Congress Committee and Indian National Congress Committee.
1925 Authored and published Purohit Andolan and Karmkalap
1927 Edited and published weekly Loak Sangharsh from Samastipur. Founded Sri Sitaramasharm at Bihta(Patna). Organized western Patna  Kisan Sabha
1929 Dissoluted Bhumihar Brahman Mahashabha. Founded Bihar regional Kishan Sabha in November and became its first chairman.
1930 Incarnated in Bankipur and Hazaribagh in connection with Salt Satyagrah. Disillusioned to see the real face of congress leaders.
1931-32 Disenchanted with politics.
1933 Probed into miserable condition of  the farmers of  Gaya. Chaired the Bihta conference of Bihar Pradesic Kishan Sabha.
1935 Chaired the third conference of Bihar Pradesic Kishan Sabha at Hajipur .Act for abolition of Zamindari system was passed .Chairman of Patna District Congress Committee .Member of executive committee of Bihar Congress and All India Congress committee
1936 Chaired the founding conference of All India Kisan Sabha(AIKS) at Lucknow
1937 General secretary of AIKS
1938 Chaired the third conference of AIKS at Komila .Visited Gujrat and founded Gujrat  Pradesic Kishan Sabha. Also chaired Orissa Pradesic Kishan Sabha.
1936-39 Fought for Bihta sugar mill. Organized farmers for historical peasant moment.Authored ‘Rent Reduction in Bihar: How it Works’ and ‘The Other Side of The Shield ‘ 
1939 Was elected General secretary in forth conference of AIKS and remained in the office till 1943.Participated in Forward Block Conference held in Bombay where he founded The Left Coordination Committee.
1940 In March, he was accorded presidential welcome in All India Samjhauta Virodhi Sammelan at Ramgarh (Bihar).
1941 From April, 40 to March 42 , he remained prisoner in central jail, Hajaribagh. During his imprisonment he authored 8 books including Mera Jeevan Sangarsh, Kisan kya Kare, Kisan Kaiese ladte hai.
1943 Chaired the 10th conference of BPKS
1944 Presided the 8th conference of A.B.K.S at Vijaywada .
1945 Tussle among the communist . Left A.B.K.S . Presided the Warsligang conference of B.P.K.S in May,1945.
 1946 Founded Hind Kisan Panchayat. Purushottam Das Tandon became the chairman while he was a minister. In June, Bermo conference of B.P.K.S .
1947 He wrote ‘Ab Kya Ho’ soon after the independence and worked for left – unity, as well as ‘Mazdoor Kisan Rajya
1948 Organized a joint front of 18 left parties. He founded ‘Akhil Bhartiya Sanyukt Kishan Sabha’ in April. Complete separation from Congress. Wrote ‘Maha rudra ka Maha Tandav.
1949 He was accorded a grand public welcome on completing 60.Chaired the 16th conference of B.P.K.S in March. From 15th April to 20th June , he organized several meetings, undertook many visits and mobilized the farmers of Gaya . In October, he was instrumental in founding of Bhartiya Sanyukt Samajwadi Sabha in Calcutta.
1950 Delivered  a speech at B.P.K.S conference in April. Fell ill in May. Treatment began in Muzzafarpur. While on the way back to Muzzafarpur from Devpar(Pusa), he suffered paralysis. On 26th ,June, he died in the house of Advocate Muchkund Sharma.

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