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 Shri Mahendra Prasad Singh  
Father's Name : Late Shri Baliram Sharma Photo
Mother's Name : Shrimati Muluk Rani Devi
Date of Birth : 8 January 1940
Place of Birth : Village Govindpur, Distt. Jehanabad (Bihar)
Marital Status : Married
Educational Qualifications : Graduation with Honours in Economics Educated at Middle School and High School, Okari and Patna College, Patna University
Profession : Environmentalist, Horticulturist, Economist, Agriculturist, Political and Social Worker  
Permanent Address : (i)Vill. Govindpur, P.O. Modanganj, P.S. Ghoshi, Distt. Jehanabad( Bihar )
(ii) 67, Patliputra Colony, Patna (Bihar).
Present Address : 4, Safdarjung Lane, New Delhi. 110011
Tel. - 23794441, 23792526, 23013545
Positions Held :
1980-84 Member, Seventh Lok Sabha
1980-94 Member, Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers
1983-84 Member and Convener, Committee on Finance Jan. 1985 Elected to Rajya Sabha
July 1986 Re-elected to Rajya Sabha 1986-87 Member, Committee on Rules, Rajya Sabha
1991-92 Member, Committee on Fertilizers and Chemicals
Feb. 1992 and Oct. 1993 Elected Vice-Chairman, Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development in Japan and Malaysia (re-elected unanimously for three years)
Aug. 1993 Nominated to Rajya Sabha
1993-94 Member, Committee on Finance
April 2000 Re-elected to Rajya Sabha
May 2000 onwards Member, Committee on External Affairs Permanent Special Invitee, Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Finance Member, Sub-Committee-II of Committee on External Affairs Member, Informal Consultative Committee for Eastern Railway Member, Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers
Nov. 2000 onwards Member, Governing Body of the Indian Council of Medical Research
Social and Cultural Activities, Literary, Artistic and Scientific Accomplishments and other Special Interests :- 
Sports, Clubs, Favourite Pastimes and Recreation : 
Was accorded the title of 'Atlantis Submariner' on 31 August 2002 by the Atlantis Submarine, Bridgetown, Barbados, West Indies for diving into the Caribbean sea to the depth of 173 feet; Member, India International Centre, New Delhi; Life Member (Playing Rights),
(i) D.D.A. Qutab Golf Course, New Delhi and
(ii) Patna Golf Club, Patna; reading and gardening (won first prizes for maintaining the best house garden in Delhi continuously for sixteen years from 1982 to 1997
Countries Visited :

Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Antigua & Barbuda, Andorra, Argentina, Armenia, Australia (thrice), Austria (five times), Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados (twice).

Belarus, Belgium (twice), Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil (twice), Bulgaria (twice).

Cambodia, Canada (thrice), Chile, China (five times), Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic (twice - once during the erstwhile Czechoslovakia), Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea (North Korea).

Denmark, Dominica.

East Timor, Ecuador, Egypt (twice), El Salvador, Estonia, Ethiopia (twice)

Fiji, Finland, France (six times).

Georgia, Germany (seven times - including East Germany once), Greece (twice), Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana.

Hondurus, Hong Kong (ten times - both when it was under British control and now when it is a part of China), Hungary.

Iceland, Indonesia (five times), Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy (four times)

Jamaica, Japan (four times), Jordan.

Kazakhstan (twice), Kenya (twice), Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan.

Latvia (twice - once when it was part of the USSR).

Laos, Lebanon, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg.

Macau (Chinese territory under Portuguese control), Macedonia, Madagascar, Maldives, Malaysia (thrice), Malta, Mauritius, Mexico (thrice), Moldova, Mongolia, Monaco, Morocco, Mozambique (twice), Myanmar (Burma).

Namibia, Negara Brunei Darussalam, Nepal (five times), the Netherlands (thrice), New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway.


Pakistan, Palestine, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland (twice), Portugal.

Qatar (twice)

Republic of Korea (South Korea - four times), Republic of Yemen, Reunion, Romania, Russian Federation (six times - twice during erstwhile USSR).

San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Seychelles, Singapore (twelve times), Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa (five times), Spain (three times), Sri Lanka, Sudan, Suriname, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland (thrice), Syrian Arab Republic.

Taiwan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand (eight times), Trinidad & Tobago (twice), Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan (thrice).

Ukraine (twice - once during the erstwhile USSR), U.A.E. (twelve times), Uganda, U.K. (fifteen times), U.S.A. (seven times), Uruguay, Uzbekistan (twice).

Vatican City (twice), Venezuela, Vietnam (thrice).

Yugoslavia, Zambia and Zimbabwe; has visited
(i) 84 countries in a full year, i.e., between 9 April 2002 and 8 April 2003 and
(ii) 64 countries in a calendar year, i.e., between 27 January 2002 and 28 December 2002

Other Information :
Founder, B.B.M. Inter and Degree College at Okari, Jehanabad, Bihar (a rural and most backward area of Bihar, to promote higher education among the poor, underprivileged and especially girls who cannot go to cities for higher education);
Congress Party Observer during Punjab elections to Amritsar Parliamentary Constituency in September 1985 where in Batala he narrowly escaped death when his car was blasted by a powerful magnetic time bomb planted by terrorists Led,
(i) Parliamentary Delegation to Hanoi (Vietnam) to attend Executive Committee Meeting of Asian Forum of Parliamentarianson Population and Development held on 24 February 1993 and the9th Meeting of Asian Population and Development Association ofJapan on 25 and 26 February 1993.
(ii) Parliamentary Delegationof All Parties to Vietnam on invitation from the Chairman of SocialAffairs Committee of Vietnamese Parliament and Government in September1993.
(iii) delegation to a meeting with the Chairman, StandingCommittee of Cambodian Parliament (which drafted the Constitutionof Cambodia).
(iv) Multi-Party Parliamentary Delegation to Malaysiato attend the 4th General Assembly of Asian Forum of Parliamentarianson Population and Development in October 1993.
(v) ParliamentaryDelegation to Beijing to attend the 10th Meeting of Asian Populationand Development Association of Japan on 2 March 1994 and alsoattended the Executive Committee Meeting of Asian Forum of Parliamentarianson Population and Development on 3 and 4 March 1994.
(vi) ParliamentaryDelegation to D.P.R. Korea (North Korea) from 5 -7 March 1994.
(vii) Parliamentary Delegation to U.N.O., New York to attend PreparatoryCommittee Meeting of International Conference on Population andDevelopment in April 1994.
(viii) Multi-Party Parliamentary Delegationto Japan on invitation of Asian Population and Development Associationof Members of Parliament of Japan from 21 - 29 May 1994 and
(ix) Parliamentary Delegation to attend International Conference ofParliamentarians on Population and Development in Cairo (Egypt)and
was also a Member of Indian Delegation to the InternationalConference on Population and Development in Cairo in September1994, where he also attended Executive Committee Meeting of AsianForum of Population and Development Member,
(i) Indian ParliamentaryDelegation to the Parliament of European Community (now EuropeanUnion) at Strasbourg (France), Kuwait, Greece, Belgium and theNetherlands in June 1983, Australia and Singapore in May-June1984 and Soviet Union, Latvia and Ukraine in May 1988.
(ii) AllParty Indian Delegation to China at the invitation of ChineseParliamentary Forum on Population and Development in June, 1985and All Party Delegation of Indian Association of Parliamentarianson Population and Development to China in September 1991.
(iii)Delegation of Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development to Indonesia in October, 1986 and in June 1987, Thailandin February 1987 and China in September 1987.
(iv) ParliamentariansAction for Removal of Apartheid Delegation to West Germany, France,the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway in May 1987
(v) Conferenceof Global Forum on Environment and Development held in Moscowfrom 13-23 January 1990.
(vi) Delegation to Havana (Cuba) to attend"International Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba", from 21-22 November1994. (vii) Indian Parliamentary Delegation to the 55th regularsession of the United Nations General Assembly held at New York(U.S.A.) in the year 2000.
(viii) Special Indian ParliamentaryDelegation to South Africa, Nigeria and Senegal from 26th January2002 to 7th February, 2002 to put forward India's concern on crossborder terrorism and the prevailing situation between India andPakistan.
(ix) All India Congress Committee(I) from 1991-2000.
(x) Bihar Pradesh Congress Committee(I) from 1991-2000.
(xi) BharatKrishak Samaj (Life Member).
(xii) Governing Body, Institute Body,Selection Committee and Finance Committee of All India Instituteof Medical Sciences, New Delhi, and Chairman of its GrievanceCommittee and Estate Committee between 1980 & 1994.
(xiii)National Geographic Society, Washington D.C., U.S.A.
(xiv) AmericanManagement Association International, New York, U.S.A., (April1999 to March 2000).
(xv) Parliamentarians for Global Action (P.G.A.),(xvi) World Bank Parliamentary Network for International Development(PNID).
(xvii) Indian Parliamentary Group (Life Member)
(xviii)Indo-German Parliamentarians Forum.
(xix) Indo-Hellenic ParliamentariansGroup.
(xx) Indo-US Parliamentary Forum.
(xxi) Indo-British ParliamentaryForum and
(xxii) Life Member of Parliamentary Forum in HIV-AIDSWent on Study Tour to U.S.A. and Canada in June 1976, Denmark,Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Egypt, U.K. and U.A.E. in June1983,
Thailand and Hong Kong in May-June 1984, Hong Kong, SouthKorea, Japan and Singapore in June 1985, Singapore, Philippinesand South Korea in October 1986, South Korea and Hong Kong in February-March 1987, United Kingdom in May 1987, Singapore andMalaysia in June 1987, Hong Kong and Japan in September-October1987, Hong Kong and Singapore in October 1987, Ethiopia and Kenyain December 1987, Ethiopia in March 1988, Austria, Spain and Portugalin April 1988, West Germany, Finland, Belgium and Luxembourg in May-June 1988, U.A.E. in June 1988,
Nepal in August 1988, HongKong in October 1989, Czechoslovakia in January 1990, Bhutan in September-October 1990, New Zealand and Singapore in October 1990, Thailand in 1990, Maldives in January 1991, Bangladesh and Thailandin February 1991, Mauritius and Renunion in July 1991, West Germany,Brazil, Jamaica, Panama, Canada, U.S.A and East Germany in August 1991, Burma (Myanmar) in September 1991, Thailand and Vietnamin October 1991, Hong Kong in February-March 1992, Singapore in August 1992, Thailand and Laos in February 1993, Thailand in September1993, Sri Lanka, Brunei and Singapore in October-November 1993, Pakistan in January 1994, Hong Kong in March 1994, Ireland in April 1994, China, Mongolia and Hong Kong in May-June 1994, Nepalin June 1994, Bahrain, Qatar (twice) and Saudi Arabia in September1994, Singapore in November 1994, Spain, Venezuela and November 1994, Oman in September 1995, Republic of Yemen in December 1996, Nepal in December 1997, Turkey, Lebanon and September 1998, Macao, Jordan, Hong Kong, Palestine and Israel in November 1998, Cyprus in November-December 1998, United Kingdomin December 1998, Nepal in January 1999, Liechtenstein, Hungaryand Poland in May 1999, Albania and Austria (twice) in October1999, U.A.E., Malta and Iceland in October-November 1999, Austria,Slovakia, San Marino, Kosovo, Vatican City and Italy in May-June2000, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan in July 2000, Kazakhstan,Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in August-September 2000, United Kingdom,Chile, Argentina and France in October 2000 and Andorra, Monaco,France and Spain in November 2000 , United Kingdom (twice), Peru,Ecuador and Colombia in June, 2001, Belarus in September, 2001, Intermediate Study Tour to Poland on 1 October 2001, Lithuania,Latvia and Estonia in October 2001, Papua New Guinea, Australia,Fiji and Singapore in November 2001, Intermediate Study Tour toAustralia on 9 November 2001, U.A.E. on 27 January 2002, Bulgaria,Crotia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Slovenia in April 2002, IntermediateStudy Tour to Austria on 10 April 2002 and Germany on 18 April 2002, Moldova in May 2002, Intermediate Study Tour to France on 9 May 2002, Germany on 12 May and 14 May 2002, Ukraine in June 2002 and Intermediate Study Tour to Russia on 3 June 2002 and Tunisia in June 2002, study tour to Turkmenistan, Armenia and U.A.E. in July 2002, Afghanistan in August 2002, IntermediateStudy Tour to U.A.E. on 6 August 2002; U.K. (twice), Guyana, Trinidad& Tobago, Suriname, Barbados in August - September 2002, rkmenistan, Georgia in September 2002 and Intermediate StudyTour to Russia on 24 September 2002, Bahamas, Bolivia, Paraguay,Uruguay and U.K. in October 2002 and Intermediate Study Tour toBrazil on 12 October 2002 - participated in the IXth Summit ofDirectors' National Programme of Rabies Control in Latin America,Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia on 7 October 2002, participatedin IIIrd Paraguan Congress of Anesthesiology held at Hotel Excelsior,Asuncion, Paraguay on 10 October 2002,U.K. (twice), Trinidad& Tobago, Grenada, Antigua, Dominica in the month of November 2002 and Intermediate Study Tour to Barbados on 14 November 2002;Singapore, Indonesia, East Timor in November-December 2002 andIntermediate Study Tour to Indonesia on 1 December 2002; U.A.E.(twice), Uganda, Mozambique (twice), Swaziland in December, 2002and Intermediate Study Tour to South Africa on 26 December 2002;Nepal in January 2003; U.A.E. (twice), Kenya, Seychelles, SouthAfrica (twice), Namibia and Madagascar in January-February 2003 and Intermediate Study Tour to Johannesburg, South Africa on 31January 2003; Morocco and Italy in March 2003 and IntermediateStudy Tour to U.A.E. from 10-11 March 2003; U.K. (twice), Mexico,Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica in March-April 2003 Visited,
(i) Tanzania to attend the 75th Anniversaryof African National Congress in December 1987.
(ii) Zambia andZimbabwe to attend the meeting of the Association of West EuropeanParliamentarians for Action against Apartheid in March 1988.
(iii) Oxford (England) to attend the Global Conference of Spiritualand Parliamentary Leaders on Human Survival in April 1988.
(iv) Bangkok (Thailand) to attend the 3rd General Assembly of AsianForum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development in October 1990.
(v) Seoul (South Korea) to attend the meeting of the AsianPopulation and Development Association in February 1991
(vi)Tokyo (Japan) to attend the meeting of Asian Forum of Parliamentarianson Population and Development in February 1992,
(vii) Bali (Indonesia)to attend the Fourth Asian Pacific Population Conference in August1992,
(viii) Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to attend the InternationalConference of Asian Parliamentarians on Environment and SustainableDevelopment in November 1994,
(ix) Damascus International TradeFair, Damascus (Syria) from 7-9 September 1998,
(x) Tehran InternationalTrade Fair, Tehran (Iran) from 3-4 October 1998,
(xi) BaghdadInternational Trade Fair, Baghdad (Iraq) from 4-5 November 1998,
(xii) Taipei International Medical & Pharmaceutical Fair,Taiwan from 14-15 November 1998,
(xiii) C.Ph.I. (Chemical &Pharmaceuticals Ingredients) Trade Fair, Amsterdam (the Netherlands) from 2-4 December 1998,
(xiv) T.T.T.F. International Trade Fair,Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 12-14 March 1999,
(xv) Clock & WatchInternational Trade Fair, Basel (Switzerland) on 2 May 1999,
(xvi)T.I.B.C.O. International Trade Fair, Bucharest (Romania), 25-27May 1999,
(xvii) International Trade Fair GALENIA (on pharmaceuticals)held at Plovdiv (Bulgaria), 19-20 October 1999 and
(xviii) C.Ph.I.Trade Fair, Frankfurt (Germany), 2-4 November 1999,
(xix) InternationalExhibition of Equipment & Instrument for Medicine & PharmaceuticalIndustry "MEDIPHARM" held at Belgrade (Yugoslavia), 31 May - 3 June 2000 and also visited Kosovo,
(xx) Leon (Mexico) from 3-4 October, 2000 in connection with International Trade Show forMedical Products, Equipment Services "HOSPIMEDICA MEXICO",
(xxi) C.Ph.I. (Chemical & Pharmaceuticals Ingredients) Trade Fair,Milan (Itlay) from 7-9 November 2000,
(xxii) Washington (U.S.A.)as a Member of FICCI Delegation to attend the Indo-US Business Meet and US-India Business Council's Annual General Meeting from 17-20 June 2001,
(xxiii) World Food, International Fair for FoodstuffIndustry, Moscow (Russia) from 26-28 September 2001,
(xxiv) CPhI(Chemical & Pharmaceuticals Ingredients) Trade Fair, London(U.K.) from 8-9 October 2001,
(xxv) International Exhibition CIA2001 (ChemAsia 2001, Instrument Asia 2001 and AnaLabAsia 2001),Singapore from 1-2 November 2001,
(xxvi) International Fair "MEDICINE2002" on medical and pharmaceuticals equipment, skopje (Macedonia) from 10-12 April 2002,
(xxvii) Berne (Switzerland) to attend theThird Annual Conference of Parliamentary Network on World bankfrom 9-11 May 2002,
(xxviii) Prague (Czech Republic) on a BusinessDelegation from 26-29 May 2002,
(xxix) International Dental Exhibition& Conference - STOMATOLOGY-2002 at Len Expo, St. Petersburg(Russia) from 29 May 2002 to 1 June 2002 and
(xxx) Algiers (Algeria) from 15 - 17 June 2002 and Tripoli (Libya) from 18-19 June 2002 as a Member of FICCI Delegation,
(xxxi) Algiers InternationalTrade Fair (held from 12-24 June 2002) on 17 June 2002 at Algiers(Algeria),
(xxxii) Miami, Florida (U.S.A.) in connection withFlorida International Medical Expo held from 21-22 August 2002 at Miami Beach Convention Centre, Florida, U.S.A.,
(xxxiii) Baku(Azerbaijan) in connection with Baku International HealthcareExhibition-BIHE-2002 on 21 September 2002,
(xxxiv) CPhI(Chemicaland Pharmaceuticals Ingredients) Trade Fair, Ville-Pinte, Paris,France from 1 - 3 October 2002,
(xxxv) Ottawa (Canada) to attendthe 24th Annual Parliamentary Forum of Parliamentarians for GlobalAction (P.G.A.) from 4-6 November 2002,
(xxxvi) Khartoum InternationalFair at Khartoum, Sudan from 20-21 January 2003,
(xxxvii) Athens(Greece) to attend the 4th Annual Conference of ParliamentaryNetwork on World Bank from 9-10 March 2003 and
(xxxviii) MexicoCity (Mexico) to attend Expo AFM, International PharmaceuticalsExihibition held at World Trade Centre, Mexico City from 25-28March 2003.

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