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 uksb7491 (Ujjwal Kumar Singh), unmarried  IT Professional, DOB-9/28/2002, currently in Patna  India, originally from Supaul (Bihar).

 priya (Annu singh), unmarried  IT Professional, DOB-2/2/1997, currently in chenna  India, originally from patna (Bihar).

 pradeeprai15 (Pradeep Rai), married  Other, DOB-11/15/1972, currently in Delhi  India, originally from Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh).

 escaria (Escaria), married  Cartered Accountant, DOB-8/6/1976, currently in Avarua  India, originally from escaria (Tamil Nadu).

 UjjwalPandey (Ujjwal Kumar Pandey), married  Bussiness, DOB-9/17/1980, currently in Bangalore  India, originally from Muzaffarpur (Bihar).

 cmo_cprai (Chandra Prakash Rai), married  Student, DOB-2/20/1967, currently in Bhopal  India, originally from Ghazipur (Madhya Pradesh).

 Umesh65 (Umesh Ragho Singh Sharma), married  Bussiness, DOB-2/2/1965, currently in Nagpur  India, originally from Nagpur (Maharashtra).

 UMESH002 (Mahesh sharma), married  Gov. Official, DOB-6/15/1975, currently in Gorakhpur  India, originally from Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh).

 BS (Brajesh Kumar), married  Bussiness, DOB-11/10/1974, currently in Dhanbad  India, originally from Sheikhpura, Bihar (Bihar).

 Shweta.Sharma (Shweta Sharma), unmarried  Student, DOB-1/1/1992, currently in Tekari  India, originally from Gaya (Bihar).

 man50337 (Mantosh Kumar), married  IT Professional, DOB-6/10/1995, currently in Gurgaon  India, originally from Bokaro (Bihar).

 anil1691 (ANIL KUMAR PANDEY), married  Gov. Official, DOB-3/30/1961, currently in SILIGURI  India, originally from West Midnapore (West Bengal). (Amit kumar singh), married  Other, DOB-9/21/1984, currently in Keonjhar  India, originally from Keonjhar (Orissa).

 kunalvats6 (Kunal Vats), unmarried  IT Professional, DOB-7/6/1997, currently in Bangalore  India, originally from Samastipur (Bihar).

 subhrai (Shubham rai), unmarried  IT Professional, DOB-12/4/1995, currently in banglore  India, originally from GHAZIPUR (Uttar Pradesh).

 rohit2284 (Rohit Ranjan Singh), married  Other, DOB-11/2/1982, currently in Lucknow  India, originally from Siwan (Bihar).

 chandraprakash rai (Chandra prakash rai), married  Gov. Official, DOB-2/20/1967, currently in bhopal  India, originally from ghazipur (Uttar Pradesh).

 S k (MP), unmarried  IT Professional, DOB-7/31/1996, currently in Hyderabad  India, originally from Patna (Bihar).

 Kumargaurav (Kumar Gaurav), married  Other, DOB-12/21/1986, currently in Banglore  India, originally from Nawada (Bihar).

 rahulramansiwan (RAHUL RAMAN), unmarried  Student, DOB-3/6/1997, currently in Patna  India, originally from SIWAN (Bihar).

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