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Easily the most pleasant and beautiful of all zodiac signs, depending on which side of the scales you are on, and if they're balanced, Librans possess natural charm in abundance and an easy going manner that makes things they desire, quite easily accessible to them. Compassionate, generous and diplomatic, you will find people always ready to do you favours. Of course, you too will be equally helpful when they need you. You are often accused of being lazy, but it is only because you burn too much midnight oil and need to recuperate. Indecisiveness is your biggest drawback. It is a trait that often leads to delays; you spend an inordinate amount of time weighing up the pros and cons. You are most apt to postpone difficult decisions for as long as possible than face unsavoury situations. You will be frequently called upon to settle disputes, something you will do with a keen sense of justice. You can provide a heroic, gung-ho display in defending what you judge as right, and then when everyone agrees, you jump ships, raise the pirates flag and become the devil's advocate -- such is the nature of a Libran. You are like the pair of measuring scales that represent this zodiac sign; most of the times it is balanced, but then when the scales tilt, the Libran can be quarrelsome, restless, superficial, vain, confused, or even depressed. Then mysteriously it levels out and all is well, balance is achieved, the easygoing nature, the charm, the sense of humour and tact that will win you new friends and keep those other admirers happy. Librans are big collectors and great admirers of physical beauty. They tend to be big spenders. They like to live in beautiful surroundings and are fairly obsessed with keeping a clean house. In your need for material things, you will even flirt to get what you want. And by the way, try to be a little more tolerant towards those who make snap decisions or seem impulsive, because not everyone is Libran.

Though most Librans are blessed with good health, some of you could suffer from problems like allergies, asthma, frequent colds and flu. Librans are very active; looking after other people does take up a lot of your life. You should always take time out and rest when you need it. Some of you could put on a few extra pounds, though getting rid of them should not be a problem as Librans are active people who enjoy sports, dance, etc. Librans generally have clear complexions, fine hair and teeth. You also have beautiful eyes, though many of you born under this sign may require glasses because of weak eyesight. You are healthy and have lots of stamina. Most of you are gifted with an attractive face and good complexion. Although you may not look strong when young, you are more robust and do get by without any serious problems. As you grow older, you may become a minor hypochondriac, suffering from imaginary ailments. The weaker ones among Librans often suffer from diseases of the stomach, bladder, kidneys and the spine.

Librans make good lawyers and judges. You will also do well in arts, especially music. Science and navigation too will attract you. Alternatively, you can become wine tasters or can even manage breweries. Your work and productivity are easily affected by your moods. You do your best only when you are mentally at peace with yourself. Financially, you will be lucky. A lot of you marry people who are economically better placed than you. Alternatively, you enter business partnerships that bring you money. You do tend to be extravagant but in case you fall short of finances; you will find friends and relatives promptly jumping to assistance.

Romance & Sex Life :   You have a cheerful disposition and are happy to adjust with your man, provided you are convinced he is the one for you. You will pay a lot of attention to your appearance, accessories and have a style all your own. This makes you very attractive to the opposite sex. Libran women are experts in the art of conversation and you like to talk a lot. You can talk effectively about anything under the sun. The idea of romance in your mind includes a lot of talking. You have a very strong need for company of the opposite sex. Hence, you may often be prepared to go out of your way to get a man who attracts you. You tend to value superficial traits like good looks and style, thereby overlooking a man's real qualities. You may have cause for regret in life; if you let a man who has sterling qualities go, for superficial reasons. Either you will be very devoted and will go steady from a very young age and will marry the same person. Or you may have a roving eye. In general, you are a person who is in love with love. Men find you irresistible, and you know it! The small of the back is your hot spot.

Marriage Life :   Your deep desire for companionship will lead you to an early marriage and in your home life you will tend to be very quiet and peace loving. You are capable of creating a home, which is beautifully kept and yet comfortable. You are tactful, therefore, you will not let your home have any interpersonal tensions and will keep the atmosphere cheerful and lively. You enjoy the company of friends and family, and love to have guests over. If your husband is as easygoing as you, life will be a party. You will especially love to go for short trips to beautiful places.

Emotional relationships are based on equal give and take. Librans tend to be involved in a number of affairs and sometimes their affection and friendship is misunderstood as something quite different. Since you tend to get attracted to the opposite sex quite frequently, you must think before getting into a life-long commitment. Ideal matches will be with those born under Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. Librans like to have friends come over frequently for meals and parties; being good hosts, they ensure guests have a relaxed and comfortable time. As a sociable person, you have a large number of friends; this could arouse a lot of jealousy and suspicion in others, therefore, an imposing partner would not be wise. You work very hard to be amiable, so you have no problems in getting along with family members and can go to great lengths to keep them happy and contented. The home environment will be comfortable and neat, a garden with flowers would be nice, but if that is not possible, a few ferns and indoor plants will be fine.

Libra Boy :   The Libra lad is always conscious of his appearance. He always moves in the right circles, as he wants to be seen in the right company. He is a smooth talker and a born charmer. As Librans make good diplomats, he brings harmony to his group and manages to accommodate divergent viewpoints. At times, he may appear a bit superficial and lacking in passion and deep-rooted beliefs. The main interests of his life are dressing well and spending time in the company of friends. He has a fine sense of style and enjoys spending on luxury. He has a high I.Q. and should he put his mind to it, there is very little that he can't achieve. He will go to the best Universities, mostly because it will enhance his image.

Libra Girl :   She is a beautiful young lady who is always surrounded by admirers. She is a born charmer who loves to have people around. As Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty, she is always well dressed and possesses a fine sense of style. Many Libra lasses wind up in the beauty and fashion industry for this reason. Librans can't stand being alone and constantly socialise, and in all probability, are in relationships. And being a born charmer, she will be able to keep the group enthralled. She is sometimes dismissed as superficial and insincere, but her intentions are always genuine. Since Libra is an air sign, she should do well in academics. She is drawn to beauty and aesthetics in her career.

It will do well for you to go for rose pink, pastel shades of all colours, especially light blues. Among precious stones, opal will prove lucky for Librans, while number six is their lucky number. Fridays, sometimes-even Mondays are good days for you. Venus is your ruler and your element is air.

A born negotiator, the Libra child wants everyone to live in peace and will combine persuasion with flamboyance to effectively mediate in any kind of conflict. This trait, coupled with a preoccupation for a fine external appearance gets the Libran child a lot of friends. This child gets good grades at school, and when it comes to sports, prefers individual games like tennis or golf. Chances are that the Libran kid will be a little indecisive at times, so you may need to do a bit of hand-holding then.

For you a holiday must have style and elegance. You are made for glamour and luxury. Camping holidays are not your cup of tea; unless of course the tent is fully equpped with lots of trappings. The journey has to be short and comfortable. You don't much care for the idea of being on a train from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Physically you like to look good so stylish luggage with elegant clothes is a must.

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