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You seem to live on a different plane altogether - sympathetic, sensitive, friendly, but distant. It is very difficult for you to become very involved with anyone or anything. You are very conscious and value your personal space, this tends to bring about a certain loneliness, although you have a whole lot of friends who hold you in high regard. You tend to be philosophical and have strong intuitive powers. You are an admirer of beauty and everything about you seems soft and gentle. You are unconventional and like to be original, something that results in bizarre and unpredictable behaviour. You like to broaden your horizons of knowledge and are always ready to think beyond the present. Having an analytical mind, you are particularly drawn towards science. You are not easily agitated and are patient and persevering. Aquarians hold strong beliefs and it is not easy to change their minds or opinions. However, in matters of religion, they are not fanatics. They accept the idea of universal brotherhood and are mostly modern in their outlook.

Though, members of this sign are prone to infections, most suffer from poor circulation, sore throats and, cramps in the lower limbs. Unless they catch the sport bug at an early age, most Aquarians have to be pushed to take some sort of exercise; brisk walks and cycling are good ways for Aquarians to keep fit. As you like traveling, you generally have no trouble relaxing, especially when given a good book to read, although you'll never be a couch potato a little extra effort would not go amiss. High cheekbones or a finely chiseled profile are the most prominent facial features of Aquarians. You carry yourself with considerable grace, possessing a smile that can disarm anyone and you use it to such good effect on those around you. Most of you have healthy childhoods barring the unusual or weird and although you develop a good constitution as you grow up, some areas of your body, like the throat, lungs, heart, the nervous system, calves and ankles remain vulnerable. So, lots of fresh air, exercise and a good nights sleep will not go amiss.

You are not overly worried about money. Your savings will mostly go towards charity, travelling or simply to buy a place, which will enable you to get away from the rough and tumble of city life. You should, however, be careful about money, as you are apt to suffer serious losses. Aquarians do well in artistic pursuits. Many of them turn out to be brilliant scientists and physicians. Law is another field Aquarians can pursue without serious difficulties.

Romance & Sex Life :   Aquarian women want both intelligence and style in their man. You need to look up to him, and if you do, you will be singing his song. At least it will appear that he is in the driver's seat, even though you know better. You are a late starter, but know how to get there. It gives your ego immense satisfaction to know that you are able to wrap a man around your little finger. It's the ones you cannot wrap around your finger that will interest you! Once you find such a man, you will be devoted to him. Should you find him less than sincere, you won't think twice before you dump him. You need emotional and mental stimulation to have sex. Sex for the sake of sex does not excite you.

Marriage Life :   You marry late, but divorces are very rare with Aquarian women. While you will always retain your individualistic personality, you will value harmony in your married life, and will go all out to ensure that things stay that way. Your charm will have your husband tied to your apron strings for life. Few signs have such unique individuals to show. That is why you will handle both your home and family so unconventionally. You will be able to handle family and guests well, much of the credit goes to your ability to discuss any subject on earth. You can hold anyone's interest be they eight or eighty!

You will allow very few people to encroach on your personal space. The lucky ones who you allow intimacy,will however find you fascinating and quite enchanting. Those you fall in love with will most likely share your artistic and intellectual interests. Once in love, you will try to make everything perfect for your partner. You will accommodate, compromise and adapt even if you find that person is not exactly the ideal match you imagined him or her to be. Besides Aquarians, you are best suited to marry those born under Gemini and Libra. Your fondness for travel will find you settling down some place far from where you spent your childhood. You are a home-loving person, having a penchant for cooking and other domestic activities, collecting spices and trying out various recipes are often your pastime pleasures. Your approach to love and marriage is logical and intellectual, loving with your mind, as well as your eyes. You treat children with respect and give due consideration to their views.

Aquarius Boy :   The Aquarius boy generally keeps to himself. He has a lot of creativity within him and needs space to do his 'work'. He is not into sentimentalising and don't be surprised if he doesn't remember birthdays. A display of affection is not for him. But you can expect the unexpected. The Aquarius lad loves the company of someone who can keep up with him. He loves sophisticated gadgets, and don't be surprised if this techno youth ends up creating a software that leads to big success. Knowing an Aquarian will be a unique experience full of little adventures.

Aquarius Girl :   If the idea is radical, it must be an Aquarian idea. She seems to be game for anything; the rebel in her makes her unique. She has the guts to take on society; on her own terms. She doesn't care for much small talk; the Aquarian will have lots of acquaintances but hardly any good friends. She's good with style and fashion; trust her to spring an original on you. For an evening out, she will never opt for a sentimental movie; she is likely to enjoy an experimental theatre performance in the dark! Even when she studies, she builds an unconvential environment around herself. The Aquarian girl is not for everyone, but then she doesn't want to be either!

The lucky colours for Aquarians are grey, black, aquamarine blue, green and purple. Saturday and Sunday are their lucky days, whereas numbers in the series 4 and 8 prove good. Sapphire, opal and onyx are good stones for Aquarians to wear. Uranus and Saturn are your rulers and your element is air.

Fiercely independent and free spirited, the Aquarian child can be a little deviant, but then that is part of the charm. Being the creative sort, this child will be one of the first to master the newest technologies and create wonders. This kid will do extremely well at school and being intellectually inclined, will need to be surrounded by plenty of books. The Aquarian kid, in spite of enjoying the company of friends, will still have his or her own way of doing things and is difficult to rein in.

You are not much of planners so generally the holidays you take are not pre-planned months ahead. Infact for you, planning takes away half the fun! You like to visit off beat places. Sitting cross-legged meditating and seeking inner peace is your idea of absolute heaven. Finding a partner for such a holiday may be a problem for you.

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