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Name   Meaning  
Sachetan  awake, rational
Sachin    Lord Indra
Sagar     ocean, sea
Sagardutt gift of ocean
Sadanand  always  joyous, Lord  Vishnu
Sadashiv  one who always does good, Lord  Shiva
Sahastrabahu     one with thousand arms, Lord  Shiva
Sahastrajit      Lord  Krishna, Lord  Vishnu
Salaj     water which flows from melted ice from mountain
Salil     water
Samar     war
Samarendra       Lord of war, Lord  Vishnu
Samarjit  victorious in war, Lord Vishnu
Sambodh   complete knowledge
Samir / sameer    breeze 
Sampat    well to do
Samrat    emperor
Samudra   sea
Sanat     Lord  Bramha
Sandeep     lighted lamp, to lighten up
Sanjay    victory, Lord Shiva, Dhritarashtras minister
Sanjeev   one who can bring back the dead to life,  life, love
Sanjog    coincidence
Sankara, Shankar    Lord  Shiva 
Sapan     dream (  Swapna )
Santosh   happiness
Sarasvat  learned
Sarang    spotted deer, moon, sun, Lord  Krishna
Sarvesh   master of all, God, king
Satish    god of truth
Satya     truth
Satyadarshi      one who can see the truth
Satyajit  victory of truth
Satyamurty       statue of truth
Satyanarayan     Lord  Vishnu
Satyaprakash     light of truth
Satyavan  one who speaks truth
Satyavrat one who has taken the vow of truth
Satyendra Lord of truth ( Satyen),  elixir ,  amrit
Saurav    divine, celestial
Saurabh   fragrance, mango, saffron
Savitendra       sun
Senajit   conquerer of an army
Shailendra       king of mountains, Himalaya
Shakunt   blue jay
Shalin    modest
Shambhu   Lord  Shiva
Shankar   Lord  Shiva, auspicious
Shankhdhar       one who carries a conch shell ( Lord  Vishnu)
Shankhapani      same as Shankhadhar
Shankhi   ocean, Lord  Vishnu
Shaktidhar       powerful one, Kartikeya
Sharad    name of a season
Sharatchandra    moon in Sharad season
Sharvarish       moon
Shailesh  God of mountain, Himalaya
Shami     fire, name of a tree
Shashee   moon
Shashank  moon
Shashibhushan    one who wears moon as ornament (Lord  Shiva)
Shashidhar       one who carries moon (Lord  Shiva)
Shashikant       moon stone
Shashikar moon ray
Shashipushpa     lotus
Shashishekhar    one with moon at the top of head - Lord  Shiva
Shashwat  ever lasting, continuous
Shardul   tiger
Shatrughna       destroyer of enemies, Lord  Ramas brother
Shatrunjay       one who defeats  enemies
Shail     mountain
Shailesh  God of mountain ( Himalaya)
Shailendra       God of mountain ( Himalaya)
Shaildhar one who holds mountain ( Lord  Krishna)
Shekhar   mountain peak
Sheshdhar one who holds Shesha (snake) - Lord  Shiva
Shikhar   mountain peak
Shirish   name of a tree
Shishir   name of a season, cold
Shiv      Lord Shiva, auspicious, lucky
Shivanand one who is happy in Lord Shivas thoughts or Shivas worship
Shivkumar son of Lord  Shiva (Ganesh, Kartikeya)  ( Shivanandan )
Shivshekhar      one at the top of Shiva (moon)
Shree     Mr,  God
Shreedhar husband of Lakshmi ( Lord  Vishnu)
Shreekant husband of Shree(Lakshmi)  ( Lord  Vishnu ), beautiful
Shreekanth    Shiva 
Shrikanth Shiva
Shreekumar     beautiful
Shrikumar beautiful
Shreekrishna Krishna
Shrikrishna Krishna
Shreenivas abode of Lakshmi (vaikunth, Vishnu) 
Shrinivas abode of Lakshmi (vaikunth, Vishnu) 
Shreyas   superior
Shubhranshu      moon, camphor
Shvetang  fair complexioned
Shvetank  having a white mark
Shwetbhanu       moon
Shwetambar       one who wearswhite clothes, Lord  Shiva
Shwetanshu       moon
Shyam     dark blue, black
Shyamal   black, dark blue
Shyamsundar      dark and handsome, Lord  Krishna
Siddharth the blessed one, Buddha, white mustard
Siddhanath       Mahadev (Lord  Shiva)
Sitaram   Sita & Lord  Rama
Sohan     good looking
Somanshu  moon ray
Somnath   lord of moon (Lord  Shiva) 
Somkar    moon light
Somprakash       moon light
Snehal    friendly
Srikant   lover of wealth
Srinivas  abode of wealth
Sriram    Lord Rama
Sridhar   wealthy person
Subodh    sound advice, easily understood
Subhadr   gentleman
Subhas    shining
Subhash   soft spoken
Suchir    eternal
Sudarshan  good looking
Sudarsh good looking
Sudeep    bright
Sudeepta  bright
Sudesha   good country
Sudeva    good Deva
Sudhakar  mine of nectar, moon
Sudama    meek or humble person, Lord  Krishnas pauper friend
Sudhanshu       moon, camphor
Sudhindra God of wisdom
Sudhir    resolute, brave
Sudhish   Lord of excellent intellect
Sughosh   one with melodious voice
Sugriva   one with graceful neck, king of monkeys
Suhas     one with beautiful smile/ laughter
Sujat     belonging to a good clan
Sujan     a good person
Sujit     victory
Sukanth   one with a sweet voice, one with graceful neck
Sukarma   one who does good deeds
Sukhdev   god of happiness
Sukhwant  full of happiness, pleasant
Sukrant   extremely beautiful
Sukumar   handsome, soft, tender
Sulabh    easy to get
Sulalit   graceful
Sumant    kings minister, intelligent person
Sumanyu   heaven
Sumit     well measured
Sumitr    good friend
Sumitranandan    sons of Sumitra (Lakshman & Shatrughna)
Sunam     good name ( fame)
Sunandan  happy
Sunay     best neeti, best path of life
Sundar    beautiful, pleasant to the eyes/ears
Sunil     dark blue, red lotus, pomegranate tree
Suparn    one with nice feathers ( Garud)
Suraj     sun (Surya)
Suresh    godof suras (Lord  Indra)
Surendra  lord of suras (Lord  Indra)
Surjeet   conquerer of the suras ( sur - god,  opposite of Asur(demon) )
Surnath   Lord  Indra, lord of suras
Surya     sun
Suryabhan sun
Suryakant loved by the sun, a shining crystal
Suryaprakash     sunlight
Sushant   quiet, peaceful person
Sushil    virtuous
Sutosh    one who becomes happy easily
Suvrata   strict in religious vows (Subrata)
Suyash    good result, victory
Swagat    welcome
Swaraj    liberty, freedom
Swarup    figure
Swapnesh  king of dreams
Swapnil   seen in a dream, dreamy

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