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Name   Meaning  
Daruka deodar tree
Dattatreya son of Atri, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Dattey Lord Indra
Dakshesh Lord Shiva
Damodar Lord Krishna
Dasharath one with 10 chariots, Lord Rams father
Daya mercy
Dayanand one who likes being merciful or kind
Dayanidhi kind person
Dayasagar extremely kind, sea of mercy
Dayaswarup merciful
Deendayal one who has mercy on the downtrodden or poor
Deenbabdhu brother ( or helper) of poor people
Deepak lamp, kindle
Deepankar one who lights lamps
Deependra Lord of light
Deependu moon
Deepesh Lord of light , sun
Deeptanshu shining light, sun
Deeptendu shining moon
Devarsi sage of Devas
Devdas servant of Lord , a servant of temple
Devidas servant (devotee) of Godess
Devadutt gift from God
Devanand joy of god
Devguru teacher of Gods ( Brihaspati )
Devraj king of Gods ( Lord Indra)
Devashish blessing of the Gods( Debashish )
Devesh God of Gods
Devang part of God
Devendra king of Gods
Devilal son of Godess
Deviprasad gift of a Godess
Devkinandan son of Devki(Lord Krishna)
Dhananjay one who wins wealth, Lord Arjun, Lord Vishnu.
Dhananad pleasure of having wealth
Dhanaraj king of wealth ( Kuber )
Dhanesh Lord of wealth ( Kuber, Vishnu )
Dhanvantari doctor of Gods
Dharesh king, Lord of land
Dharma law ( religious)
Dharmadev Lord of law
Dharmesh master of religion
Dharmendra king of religion
Dheeraj bravery
Dhiren one who is strong, powerful
Dhirendra Lord of the brave
Dhruv pole star, unperturbed
Dhaval fair complexioned
Digamber nacked, Lord Shiva
Dilip King, ancestor of Lord Rama
Dinanath saviour of the downtrodden or poor
Dinesh sun, God of the day
Dinkar sun
Dinpal sun
Divakar sun
Divyanshu divine light, sun
Divyesh sun
Divyendu bright moon
Duranjaya a heroic son
Durgadutt gift from Godess Durga
Durgadas servant ( a devotee ) of Godess Durga
Durgesh Lord of fort
Durjaya difficult to conquer, Lord Vishnu
Durvish one who cannot be affected by poison (Lord Shiva)
Dwarkanath Lord of Dwarka (Lord Krishna)
Dwarkadhish ruler of Dwarka (Lord Krishna)
Dwijendra moon
Dwijesh moon

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