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Name   Meaning  
Abhay fearless
Abhijat noble, wise
Abhijay total victory
Abhijit /Abhijeet one who is victorious, a star
Abhinav quite new
Abhinandan congratulation
Abhilash wish / desire
Abhisar companion
Abhishek shower of milk / water over an idol
Achal stable/ soul
Achalraj Himalayan mountain
Achintya beyond comprehension
Achyuta indestructible, one who is firm
Adarsh ideal
Aditya sun
Agastya a saint in Hindu mythology
Agendra Himalayan mountain
Agraj leader, senior
Aghosh quiet, soundless
Aagney born from fire
Ajatashatru without enemies
Ajay unconquerable, invincible
Ajar one who is not old
Ajit / Ajeet unconquerable
Ajitabh one who has conquered the sky
Akash sky
Akhilesh lord of the universe
Akshay indestructible, immortal
Akshat uninjurable, one who cannot be harmed
Alok cry of victory, invisible
Aalok a ray of light
Amal bright, clean, pure
Amar forever, immortal
Ambar sky, cloth cover
Ambuj born from water, lotus
Ambud cloud
Ameya boundless, magnanimous
Amish honest
Amit endless, boundless
Amitabh one with endless splendor
Amitava same as Amitabh
Amitesh infinite god
Amogh unerring
Amod happiness
Amol priceless, valuable
Amrit nectar
Amulya priceless
Anand bliss
Anandmoorti happiness personified
Anant infinite
Anantram eternal god
Anagh sinless
Angada bracelet, brother of Wali & Sugreev
Angak son
Anil god of wind
Anilkumar son of wind ( Hanuman )
Animesh one with big beautiful eyes
Anirudhha independent, unstoppable
Anish supreme
Anjan eye liner
Ankit conquered
Ankur sprout
Ankush control
Anoop / Anup incomparable, the best
Anuj later born, younger
Anupam incomparable
Anurag attachment, devotion, love
Anshu ray of light
Anshul radiant, bright or intelligent person
Anshuman Sun
Apoorva / Apurva extraordinary
Arihant one who has killed his enemies
Arjun peacock
Arnav ocean, sea
Arun sun
Arvind lotus
Arya true, well mannered, one who hails from a noble family ( a King).
Ashish blessing
Ashok one without sorrow
Ashutosh one who becomes happy easily, Shiva
Ashwatthama fiery tempered
Ashwini one of the constallations
Ashvin a cavalier
Atmajyoti light of soul ( atma)
Atal stable, unavoidable
Ateet past
Atul matchless
Atulya unweighable, incomparable
Avichal unmovable
Avinash indestructible
Avanindra king of the earth
Avanish God of the earth

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