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Brahmarshi are brahmins who do not believe in Rudibadita. These brahmins always try to go along with time. They try to be on top in all spheres of life. The universal nature of the bhumihar reaches out to people of all faiths and cultural backgrounds, encouraging us to see beyond our differences and to work togetherfor world peace and harmony.

Bhumihar Brahmins also known as Bhumihars (भूमिहार) are an influential Hindu sub-caste who have traditionally resided in fertile regions........ [more]

In a thousand different ways, God guides us through lives. who we marry, when we marry, is all upto him. But there is nothing to stop us from lending him a hand by registering ourself in matrimonial.
Featured Brides
PRIYA04: 36 years, Bhumihar Brahmin Brahmin, Consultant, resident of Mumbai, origin of Uttar Pradesh.
Suruchik: 29 years, Bhumihar Brahmin Brahmin, Teacher, resident of Delhi, origin of Bihar.
Minu: 31 years, Bhumihar Brahmin Brahmin, Doctor, resident of Patna, origin of Bihar.
Anjali13: 73 years, Bhumihar Brahmin, Chartered Accountant, resident of Mumbai, origin of Uttar Pradesh.
SANJAY: 31 years, Bhumihar Brahmin Brahmin, Engineer, resident of BANGALORE, origin of Uttar Pradesh.
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Featured Grooms
ganand16 : 32 years, Bhumihar Brahmin Brahmin, Lawyer, resident of New Delhi, origin of Bihar.
sharma08 : 73 years, Bhumihar Brahmin, Computer Engineer, resident of Delhi, origin of Bihar.
cks : 33 years, Bhumihar Brahmin, Research Scholar, resident of DIST-NAWADA, BIHAR, origin of Bihar.
Amlesh98 : 44 years, Bhumihar Brahmin, Professor, resident of BHUBANESWAR, origin of Bihar.
Prateik : 34 years, Bhumihar Brahmin, Scientist, resident of Trivendrum, origin of Bihar.
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